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November 6, 2020
2020 has sure been full of change, and if you haven't already heard, we have one more major one to add to the books before the year is over... (drumroll please)….Fidelity Review 2020 | Comprehensive Brokerage and Banking Services
We're excited to announce that Gerber transitioned from Raymond James Financial Services (RJFS) to Fidelity this month!
You might remember that we justcelebrated the one-year anniversary of our corporate headquarter move to the Smith Bros Hardware building at the end of September.
We're not gluttons for punishment and we don't particularly enjoy the moving process of any type - whether physical or financial.
But much like our headquarter move, the move to Fidelity brings a lot of opportunity and advantages to Gerber and our clients. And we are pumped and excited about this new relationship and the next chapter for our firm.
RJFS is a tremendous firm and has been a great partner to us since 1999. Under the direction of Tom James, they were innovative, entrepreneurial and full of firsts - a perfect match for Gerber and our First Generation Entrepreneurs at the time.
As firms grow and evolve, sometimes they just grow apart. While RJFS remains an outstanding firm and a great solution for a lot of people, they are not a great fit for us going forward.
After much research and many, many, manyconversations, we made the decision to partner with Fidelity.
Fidelity's entrepreneurial spirit has been in place since it was founded by Edward C Johnson nearly 70 years ago. They are one of the largest, most innovative financial service firms in the world. They provide investment and technology products and solutions, clearing and custody services, and institutional trading products, services and execution to thousands of firms.
They are a leader in their commitment to low fees, innovation and technology. But best of all, they have an entrepreneurial culture.
One example of this is their product, Fidelity Labs, a startup incubator within Fidelity Investments to develop innovative business solutions.
Fidelity Labs was founded in 2005 and plays a critical role in driving growth and innovation for Fidelity. Its mission is to accelerate the development of new tools and capabilities. They provide a safe place for multidisciplinary team to explore new business ideas and test those ideas with customers. The concepts that show the most promise will scale with an existing business unit or as a new standalone Fidelity venture.
We're excited about the independence we have with Fidelity. We have more freedom to choose the technology systems and research we use, and we own all the information. All of this allows us to continue to give you the most independent advice possible. Our clients will continue to receive the very best care and attention from us - and we have a bigger playing field to pull resources from.
Here's the bottom line business lesson for all of us: The companies you partner with count. It has to be the right fit for the right time in your business's life and in your personal life. And when that fit changes... and a new opportunity presents itself, the stars align and the timing is right, you need to jump on it.
And that's exactly what we did.
As always, please contact us directly if you have any questions or would like more information.

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